How to Buy a Flag

While shopping for a flag may seem straightforward, don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the appropriate size for your home or business. Many people don’t realize that choosing the wrong flag size can shorten the lifespan of both your flagpole and flag or make it look out of place with its surroundings. Understanding the importance of flag dimensions is one of the best ways to ensure your flag display looks great and lasts longer.

When choosing the best flag for your home or business, you’ll want to consider the height of the flagpole, whether you’re mounting it on a wall or freestanding pole, and how it will look in your chosen location.

Here is a guideline for size of flag for the flagpole height:

20' flagpole / 4’X 6’ flag

25' flagpole / 5' X 8' flag

30' - 35' flagpole / 6' X 10' flag

40' - 45' flagpole / 8' X 12' flag

50' flagpole / 10' X 15' flag

60' - 65' flagpole / 12' X 18’ flag

70' flagpole / 12' X 18' or 15' X 25' flag

80' flagpole / 20' X 30' flag

100' flagpole / 25' X 40' flag

120' flagpole / 30' X 60' flag

When choosing your flag’s fabric, there are multiple options, but the most popular are nylon and polyester. Nylon flags are excellent for all-weather use; the lightweight material is the preferred choice for furling with less wind, dries quickly after rain & is less likely to fade.

Polyester is the preferred material for outdoor flags in areas that experience heavy winds and demanding weather conditions.

With over 25 years in the industry, US Flag & Flagpole Supply proudly sells the highest quality flags that are always made in America. For more information or for help choosing the perfect flag for you, please contact of our friendly customer care representatives today at 800-710-9892.